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Teams of students from around the globe analyze a case involving the evaluation of a program.

Working in their home country, the student teams prepare a submission to convey their understanding of the key issues in the case and their recommendations for action. The teams submit their analyses electronically for judging by an international panel of experienced program evaluators.

Rules allow only one team per country. If a country has a national competition, its winning team is invited to the world event. For other countries, if more than one team registers, the competition organizers select the team that goes forward.

The case is in English. Team may use English, French or Spanish for their submission.

Teams have a set number of hours to prepare their submission. Teams working in a language other than English are allowed extra time.

The team whose submission is ranked number one by the judges is proclaimed World Champion. Regional champions are also recognized.

Objective and Vision

Objective: To provide students with an opportunity to compare their evaluation skills and talents with those of counterparts around the world.

WECC vision: A challenging global event that stimulates the creation of national and regional evaluation competitions.


Team Members

  1. Greater knowledge of evaluation approaches

  2. Enhanced capacity for teamwork, critical analysis and communication

  3. Broadened curriculum vitae and networks


  1. Enhanced evaluation teaching


  1. Participation in evaluation capacity building

  2. International linkages

Professional Evaluation

  1. Increased awareness of evaluation

  2. Increased national evaluation capacity