WECC ADVISORY BOARD (click a member’s photo for a brief profile)  

Kate McKegg
New ZealandAdvisory_Board_files/Kate%20McKegg.pdf
Awny Amer 
Ziad Moussa
Gana Pati Ojha
Pablo Rodriguez-Bilella 
Patricia Rogers
Janett Salvador 
Romeo B. Santos 
Adeline Sibanda
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Benoît Gauthier


WECC EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (click photo for info)  

Role of the Advisory Board

  1. Advise the Executive Committee on competition policy and practice.

  2. Suggest possible judges, themes for the competition, and ways in which WECC might be improved.

  3. Promote the competition.

  4. Encourage Volunteer Organizations for Professional Evaluation to establish national student evaluation case competitions.

Role of the Executive Committee

  1. Communicate with the Advisory Board.

  2. Oversee organization of the annual competition.

  3. Promote development of national competitions.

  4. Advise the various organizing committees.

  5. Establish and interpret policy.

  6. Decide the topic for the competition case.

  7. Review appointments of judges.

  8. Review ratings and rankings of submissions and approve the announcement of winners.

  9. Maintain the website, competition files and master contact list.

  10. Approve external communications. 

Tara Chen

Bea Courtney

Michael Obrecht

Samip Shrestha