Guide to completing the WECC application form

WECC is using an online Google form for applications.

You do not need a Google account to submit an application. However, if you do have a Google account, we recommend that you be logged on to it while completing and submitting the form.


If team members are from more than one country, give the name of the country in which the largest number of team members is based.

The organizers welcome teams in which members of different countries have come together. Feel free to contact the organizers,, if the preceding guideline does not work for your team.

Country of the team

Item in the form


This is the language that the team members use to communicate with each other and their coach.

Language of the team

This is the name that will appear in the team’s written analysis of the case. It must not allow the judges to guess the team’s country. 

Name of the team

The organizers love to see photos of the team members and they should be easy to submit by anyone who has a Google account  and is signed in when completing the form. However, photos are not required.

When you submit the application, you will be presented with a screen that allows you to edit your response. A sample appears below. Save that page using your browser’s “save as” option. By retrieving the page and clicking on “edit your response” you will be able to view the data you submitted and change it if necessary.



If you have not saved the page, you can always make changes to your application file by writing directly to the competition organizers at

The contact person may be either a team member or a coach.

Contact person