Results of the 2018 Pilot 


At 10:00 am on Saturday October 6th, teams of students from Chile, Czechia, England, Germany and Mexico received an evaluation case involving global water governance. They submitted their analyses later that day.

The submissions were forwarded to three judges residing in Bolivia, Egypt and South Africa. The panel of judges conducted an initial review of the submissions and prepared questions for each team. 

The five teams submitted their answers to the judging panel on November 10th. After the panel members reviewed the teams’ responses they ranked the submissions. Their decisions were announced on November 25th.


The judging panel awarded top ranking to the submission by KAIZN Solutions, the pseudonym of Team England. Congratulations to the current Evaluation Case Competition World Champions!


The judging panel ranked the submission from Grounded Perspective, also known as Team Chile, as a close second. Members of the team can claim the distinction of Honourable Mention in the World Evaluation Case Competition.

The fine work by Team Czechia, Team Germany and Team Mexico was truly appreciated. Each provided interesting and thoughtful submissions. All five teams have been provided with feedback from the competition judges.

    The pilot event worked very well and will definitely be followed by another competition. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to help organize the 2019 event.

    If you are interested in proposing a student team for the 2019 evaluation competition, click here to learn more about the process.


May 9 2019

December 1 2018

2019 Competition now being planned  

In February the Advisory Board and Competition organizers met by teleconference to review the results of the pilot and speak with one of the judges and two of the participating students. There was great enthusiasm for expanding the world competition and for creating further national competitions, and regional competitions, to allow more students to benefit from a case competition experience.

The 2019 world competition will take place on Saturday, October 26th. The deadline for applications from student teams is July 31st.

Meanwhile, volunteer organizers have come forward to help with administration of applications, development of the case, arranging for judges, promotion, and communications.