Guide to Completing the WECC Team Registration Form


You may choose to represent a country if either of the following conditions are met:

  1. The majority of team members are studying in the country

  2. The majority of team members are citizens of the country

If neither of the conditions apply, explain your choice of country in an email to the organizers at

Country the team seeks to represent

Item in the Form


This is the language that the team members use to communicate with each other and their coach.

Note that if it is a language other than English, the team will have more time to prepare their submission.

Language used by the team

This is the name that will appear in a team’s written analysis of the case. It must not allow the judges to guess the team’s country.

The competition administrators reserve the right to ask the team to use a different name.

Name of the team (proposed)

The contact person may be either a team member or a coach.

Contact person


The team should provide three reasons why it should be chosen to represent its country. If more than one team registers from a given country, the organizers will consider the narrative arguments when selecting the country team.

Team members are not required to have trained in program evaluation or to have practical experience in the area. The data that team members provide on evaluation-related courses and practical experience is only used when there is more than one team from a given country. The organizers then consider evaluation training and experience when deciding which team should represent the country.

Number of evaluation-related courses


months of practical experience in evaluation

(if any)

Be sure that each name is recorded exactly the way the member would like it to appear on a formal certificate from WECC.

Names of team members