Tips for New Teams

Teams that have not already participated in an evaluation case competition may find it helpful to consider the following points:


The team should practice working together on an evaluation case within the time limit imposed for the competition.

A team could create its own case for the practice exercise. For example, the team might find an evaluation of a United Nations program online. The practice session could involve analyzing the evaluation report and preparing a critique of the Theory of Change, methodology and recommendations.

Or the team might practice using cases from the competition archive.

The team should have its practice submission reviewed by the coach or others who could provide objective feedback.


The team should decide in advance the software that it will use for preparing its submission.

The team should agree on the fonts, colours, margins and layout that it will use to make the submission attractive, easy-to-read and professional.

Most teams use a logo to give their presentation a unique look. It could be prepared in advance as well.

Some teams have found it useful to decide in advance which members will lead the work on various aspects of the submission.